Get Involved

Don’t Hide your light under a bushel!

We know everyone’s busy and we have different amounts of time to spare. But being part of such a large parish community means that sometimes you might think there are plenty of people around so everything is covered. 

In reality, we often have to rely on just a few individuals, so we will always welcome any offers of help.

Getting involved in a parish activity means you’ll:

  • meet new people who might share your interests
  • feel that you can help build our community by giving an extra gift to God
  • and you’ll probably enjoy yourself too!

You might want to be involved on a regular basis, you might only be able to help every now and then, but if you have either a particular talent, or a bit of time and enthusiasm we would love to hear from you.

On the following pages, we have details of the groups that currently support the parish, but if you feel that you have any further ideas, please pass them on to Fr. Anthony.